Who we are

Mark Jason Murray and his wife Miranda organized the original 2013 fundraiser that evolved into the formation of The Golden Age Appreciation Fund. Murray has been researching and writing about cult/genre cinema for over 25 years. As the editor and publisher of the fanzine Shocking Images to the glossy publication Film Fanaddict, Murray has also written liner notes for DVDs/CDs /LPs and is considered a reliable authority on many genres. Currently Murray operates the genre bobblehead toy company Cult Collectibles, the comedy reissue label OldSchool Comedy Classics and is writing the biography of comedian Rudy Ray Moore (aka Dolemite) among other projects.

Ashley West is developing a film documentary detailing the birth of the adult film industry in New York. He has also contributed liner notes, commentaries, and special features to the re-release of a number of golden age adult films for Distribpix under the name Benson Hurst. Along with several contributors, West delivers essential weekly blog posts and podcasts at www.therialtoreport.com

Robin Bougie has been involved in publishing underground comic books and exploitation cinema/adult film journalism for 25 years. His cult hit publication CinemaSewer has amassed nearly 30 issues and 5 collected softcover volumes -- which have gone into multiple printings. His latest book series, a full color hardcover coffee table book series called Graphic Thrills, is published by England's prestigious FAB Press, and celebrates the marvelous painted poster illustrations that advertised American XXX films in the golden age of adult theaters. Robin lives in Vancouver Canada, with his lovely wife and his two beloved tuxedo cats.

Jill Nelson is a honorary founder and has worked as a Hearing Care Professional in Southern Ontario Canada since 1981 and began writing as a sideline in 2006. In 2008, Jill and American writing partner Jennifer Sugar collaborated on their first book titled John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches, a definitive biography about the iconic adult film legend. In 2012, Jill’s second book and first solo effort, Golden Goddesses: 25 Legendary Women of Classic Erotic Cinema,1968-1985, was released. Presently, Jill is working on a memoir titled 1976: Tapes from California.