Monday, October 19, 2015


We set a goal of $1000 and we were able to meet that goal! Thank you so much to those who donated:

Ashley West
Cheryl Allen
Ermanno Biot
Georg Domkamp
Patrick Palmer
Heather Drain
Jeanne Silver
Jimmy Simard
Lori S.  
Lou Rusconi
Lucas J. Gutman
Martin Smith
Mark and Miranda Murray
Robin Bougie
Sebastian steinberg
Shane Brown
Steffani Martin
Thomas Kemp
Thomas Russo
Timothy Crawford
Tony Cooper
Troy R Howarth

Annette Heinz had this to say to all those who supported this fundraiser:

"I want to thank all donors that have helped me. I was robbed and left with bed bugs by a roommate. These monies will enable me to fix my toilet, subfloor, and eradicate the demonic bugs. It will keep me warm. My taxes will be paid. Y'all saved my home! Thank you from my innermost core. You are well loved."

Our next fundraiser will come in a few months. Once again a huge thanks to everyone who supported in any way.