Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kay Parker fundraiser update!

Kay Parker has found herself a place to call home thanks to the wonderful generosity of all the donors. Here's some words from Kay:

February 24th, 2015

Dear friends,
It’s been exactly a month since I moved into my beautiful new home.

It’s a little piece of paradise just a short distance from Burbank and yet it feels like country.  I hear horses, sheep, goats, peacocks, cats and dogs plus so many different bird species. Around here, I mused to myself the other day, people walk their dogs but also their horses, and stop for chats with neighbors along the way.

What it took to get me here: 

An old friend and mentor (who is no longer with us) used to say to me “to whom much is given, much is expected” – an adage many of us may have heard before, but when he said it to me, his eyes would bore into my third eye and I knew there was a deep message there for me to realize.  I am reminded of this every day and I’m grateful for the (not so subtle) reminders of what it did in fact take to get me here.  Life lessons and what we must learn to fulfill our soul’s agreements – this is what our experiences are all about. And for me, because I am a teacher and mentor, I really have to “get it” in order to help others.

So here are a few of the things I can share from my challenges, some of them may be familiar to you: Stop judging, yourself and others! Be kind, generous and compassionate towards yourself and others. Receive and give equally and unconditionally. Everything happens in the right time. Be willing to do whatever it takes to unify – on the inside – and to heal your wounds and areas where you may have disconnected.  (By the way, I can help you with this – it’s what I do and, if I may say so, I am expert at it!)  You are magnificent and powerful!

Please know how grateful I am for your support . I give thanks every day for the amazing grace I received from you. Thank you so very much again and again for your generosity. I so hope your lives are full of love.

Much love to each of you.


And here are a couple pictures of Kay's lovely view:

 Once again... the Golden Age Appreciation Fund wants to thank all those who helped with this fundraiser for Kay. Your love and generosity has been amazing!