About The Fund

After the success of a late 2013 fundraiser organized by Mark and Miranda Murray to assist actor Robert Kerman (aka R. Bolla) with expenses related to health issues of himself and his beloved cat, the idea was born to continue to help participants from the 'Golden Age' of adult films (1968-1988) in their time of need.  

In December 2014, The Golden Age Appreciation Fund was launched by a trio of fans/historians with the sole purpose of giving back.

Our second fundraiser to help Kay Parker ended in mid-January of 2015 and was a huge success. 

Currently we plan to do 2-3 fundraisers a year so we can maximize the needs of each fundraising effort and to not over saturate the need for donations.  To stay informed we ask that you please be sure to sign up for our emailing list on the right and join our facebook page as well.

We have also been proactive in helping others promote their own fundraising efforts in times of need.

The Golden Age Appreciation Fund founders donate their own time, resources and monies, receiving no compensation whatsoever and greatly appreciate your help and support.

If you wish to help in our efforts please feel free to get in touch.