Thursday, January 22, 2015


Kay Parker has been diligently seeking a new place to live thanks to your generosity. Although she hasn't found her new home yet, she is optimistic and continues her search. We hope to have good news from her soon.

Currently we plan to do 2-3 fundraisers a year so we can maximize the needs of each fundraising effort and to not over saturate the need for donations. At this time we are evaluating our options for the next effort coming in a few months. Until then please be sure to sign up for our emailing list on the right and be sure to join our facebook page as well.

Once again, thank you for your support!


Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Results of the Kay Parker Fundraiser!

What a truly amazing success this fundraiser has been thanks to all the generous fans, friends and colleagues of Kay Parker. 87 donors from around the world showed their compassion and support and others who were unable to give monetarily helped spread the word. None of this would have happened without each and every one of you. The end result far exceeded our expectations here at TGAAF and we are so very proud to reveal the grand total raised within 3 weeks:


Kay sends this special message to everyone:

A Huge Thank You!

 To all my dear friends who contributed to this amazing gift, I thank you most sincerely! I am deeply moved by the support and compassion I feel. Many people have experienced hardship of late so I know I’m not alone. I’ve used this time to really acknowledge some very old and suppressed emotions and “heartbreak” and I urge everyone to do likewise. It’s so important to our health to do so. I am humbled and so very grateful, thank you again.

Blessings and love and a very happy new year,


(Kay hopes to be able to provide us with a video "thank you" shortly as well)

A.C. Ryan
Annie Sprinkle
Armando Medina
Ashley West
Benny Ellis, Jr
Björn Lammerding
Brad Thornton
Brian Christgau
Brian Gariepy
Cassandra Gillespie
Cathy Brown
Chris Samuel
Christopher Charles
Christopher Hauk
Christopher Lepsch
Computer Guy
David Peller
David Sapp
David Van Thuyne
Donald Saltus
Ermanno Biot
Ernie Dossin
Flatiron Tech
Frank E. Fernandez
Franklin Dotoli
Georg Domkamp
Gerhard Magnus
Greg Thompson
Hank Festa
Howard Gordon
Hugh Bonar
Jack Martin
Jan Rune Bruun
Jason Bassford
Jason Keeth
Jason Reimer
Jeanne Silver
Jemal Wilson
Jeremy Richey
Jill Nelson
Jimmy Simard
John Bishop
John Caliri
John Teasley
John Woodward
Jon Markman
Jose Verschaffel
Keith Gamble
Kenneth Schaefer
Kurt Brown
Laura Sorrick
Leonard Glow
Liberty Hoover

Lori Stacy
Marc S Glasser
Mark and Miranda Murray
Mark Heuck
Martin Brooks
Matthias Vetter
Mitch Hampton
Morten Brohammer
Patrick Gascoyne
Peter Certo
Pieter Boven
Ray Santana
Rob St. Mary
Robert Stoesen
Robin Bougie
Robin Leonardi
Roman Bryant Matthews
Ron Yamauchi
Ruben G Toyos
Russell Brown
Schann Johnson
Sean Brady
Shane Brown
Simon Ridley
Steffani Martin
Stephen Cox
Steve Elmer
Steven Morrell
Thomas Russo
Tom Greco
Will Sloan


With this initial fundraiser being a major success TGAAF is regrouping to see how we can continue to move forward. More news will be revealed soon. Once again, thank you so much for your support!

- Mark, Ashley and Jill (TGAAF)