Sunday, May 29, 2016


Eric Edwards is a true trailblazer of the adult film industry.

He started his adult career in the 1960s and stayed in the business for four decades. He starred in silent loops and narrative features. He moved between acting and directing, softcore and hardcore, and the East and West coast industries.

Since retiring from the business, things haven't been easy for Eric. He lost his home and has struggled with cancer. But he's doing better now and living in a modest apartment an hour outside of Los Angeles. Until recently he has shared this home with one of his sons with whom he has split the living expenses.

We recently learned from Eric that his son has to move out and as a result Eric is grappling to make ends meet. He fears losing his apartment and having to live in his tent as he has done in the past when times have been tough.

Eric is arranging to bring in a roommate to help share costs but until that happens, he needs some help so he can keep his home.

This month through the Golden Age Appreciation Fund we are raising money for Eric, and are reprising our 2013 interview with him. We are also pleased to present below a selection of rare photos from Eric's personal collection.

Please consider donating whatever you can to Eric through the Golden Age Appreciation Fund.

The fundraiser will be active until Friday June 24th, 2016 and 100% of the money raised will go directly to Eric.

And for every $25 donated we will send you a golden age adult film DVD and a issue of Cinema Sewer magazine (while supplies last).

(Note: due to extreme shipping prices outside the US we can only ship these 'perks' within the United States)

This fundraiser is now closed. Thank you so much to all that donated!

For more information on Eric Edwards please listen his episode of The Rialto Report podcast

Eric's filmography at IAFD.COM